German interview

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This interview with the web-magazine Soul Train took place in Leverkusen, Germany, during the November 2010 tour.


New album titled VOLCANIC

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The new album, titled “Volcanic”, is mixed and mastered. It features 12 new songs, with writing contributions from all the members.

Release is scheduled for November 2010.


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As most people around the world probably know by now, there is a volcanic eruption going on in Iceland.

In the spring of 2008, 5 members of Mezzoforte spent a few days in a summer house in southern Iceland to write music for the album which is currently in the works. The nearness of Iceland’s best known and most active volcano Hekla (in plain view just a few kilometers away) sparked the idea for a song called Sleeping  Volcano. Written collectively by the band, the song was recorded later the same year in Vestmannaeyjar (another highly volcanic place in Iceland).

During our stay in the summer house we were reminded of the awesome and unpredictable power of the Mid Atlantic Ridge when an earthquake measuring 6,1 on the Richter Scale shook the wooden house so violently that we could barely keep our balance to run outside.

Little did we know that before long another neigbouring volcano under the glacier Eyjafjallajökull, less than 50 kilometers away, would erupt with the devastating consequences we see today.

The members of Mezzoforte have not been directly affected by the eruption since prevaling winds are blowing the ash away from the capital Reykjavik. However our travel plans, like those of so many others, may well be disrupted if the eruption goes on for weeks, months or even years…

New CD in progress

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Mezzoforte have just completed the first stage of recordings for a new CD. In the coming weeks additional work will be done in various countries. Release is scheduled for autumn 2010.

The album will feature the four founding members, Asmundsson, Briem, Gunnarsson & Karlsson, as well as Oskar Gudjonsson, Sebastian Studnitzky, Bruno Mueller and Thomas Dyani.

7 piece band in Pécs, Berlin and Cape Town.

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Percussion powerhouse Thomas Dyani is joining us for some of the upcoming concerts. Those of you who have seen the DVD, Live in Reykjavik, will be familiar with Thomas’s brilliant playing and vibrant stage presence.

For the concert in Pécs, Hungary, our good friend Joo Kraus replaces Sebstian Studnitzky on trumpet.

Oskar Gudjonsson, Bruno Mueller, Gulli Briem, Johann Asmundsson and Eythor Gunnarsson wil of course be present, as always.

Mailing list

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We would like to remind you of our mailing list. Members will be notified of concerts and releases and anything else newsworthy from the Mezzoforte camp. You can join by clicking “sign up” on the left of the picture.

Mezzoforte 2010

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Happy New Year dear friends of Mezzoforte!
2010 promises to be an eventful year for our group. Already in the first week of January the four founding members will meet to go through material for the forthcoming album. Final recordings and mixes will take place in Iceland and Germany during the next 3 months. All 8 members listed on this site will be involved in the recordings.
Although only 2 concerts are confirmed so far, in Hungary and South-Africa, our booking agents are working on many options. Confirmed concerts will be posted regularly.