Help us choose songs for our acoustic set in Berlin.

For our 3 shows at the A-Trane, Berlin (August 17.-19.), we want to adjust to the intimate settings of a small Jazz club by playing a more “acoustic” set. This offers a great opportunity to re-visit some songs which have been side lined for a while.
We would like to ask YOU to help us select songs to play. The song which gets the most votes will be filmed and recorded and posted on our facebook site. Please click this link to participate. You can select songs from the list or, if your preferred song is not on the list, you can add songs and then vote for them.


5 Responses to “Help us choose songs for our acoustic set in Berlin.”

  1. Great Article. discussion . I learned a lot from the analysis . Does someone know where my assistant could acquire a sample IRS W-3 version to fill out ?

  2. Norbert Kaus Says:

    Drive, Evolution and Beyond the horizon (the most beautiful tracks ever)

  3. Angel Town, Garden Party, Double orange juice, Day Break, High Life, and many more… !

  4. Bjarni Dagur Says:

    My choice is first: Garden party, Bright and early (Volcanic) EG Blues,

  5. Hi,
    I´ve seen your request about 3 songs to play in Berlin.
    I don´t have facebook because i don´t like social webs.
    I´m Enrique from Spain, I´m almost sure I will be in Berlin on saturday 18th.
    Can I vote my favourite songs to play without facebbok?
    There will be Rockall, Double orange juice, observations,etc!!!!
    My best wishes
    Enrique Latapia

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