New album, titled ISLANDS, to be released June 2012

A new Mezzoforte album, titled ISLANDS was mixed last week and is scheduled to be released in June 2012.
The album, which contains 9 original compositions by members of the band, was mostly recorded at different locations over a period of  several months in 2011, with the exception of one song, which was recorded in 2008.

The title, ISLANDS, reflects the fact that recording took place in Iceland, the Faroe Islands, the Westman Islands and Berlin (which used to be a sort of island inside the GDR).
Mixing was done by Johann Asmundsson in Studio Paradis, Reykjavik.

This, the band’s 14th studio album, is the first to feature the current 6 piece version of the touring band; Asmundsson, Briem, Gunnarsson, Gudjonsson, Studnitzky and Mueller.

The release will be followed by extensive touring in the summer and fall of 2012 and into 2013.


18 Responses to “New album, titled ISLANDS, to be released June 2012”

  1. chris Lagos Says:

    Please come to play in our new Jazz Festival in North Carolina.



  2. John Arne Paulsen Says:

    Thanks for a great (just about perfect) night october 12th at Lillestrøm, Norway. Hope to see and hear you again next year at Stjernehallen. And your new album is fabulous as well 🙂 Keep it up!

  3. André van der Weele Says:

    Thanks you were very great in Groningen Holland, Thanks!

  4. Morten Lønseth Says:

    The new album is great!!
    Fresh and with a clear Mezzoforte signature.

  5. I also look forward to hear and see you again. No need for a playback on “Garden-Party”, I think your live performance is overwhelming.. besides, the Mac might freeze again, like last time in Minden 🙂

    If I had a wish: PLEASE play “Take A Breath” next time – I love this song.

    Keep up, and please try to come to Hamburg on the next tour!!!

    • mezzoforteband Says:

      We never use playback in Garden Party. The computer is a sound source for live playing. It has been very reliable. If anything, we have had more trouble with rented keyboards.

  6. I have loved you guys for over 20 years sice I was an Art Student. When are you coming to Scotland?. Do you need a pop video made? Give me a call

  7. Cannot wait. Please come to Bergen as well…. 🙂

  8. Is Fridrik playing on the album?

  9. Looking forward to this release and the concert on june 3rd in Holland!

  10. Im sure it vill be so great!!! mezzoforte time!!!!

    See you all in dk!

    All my love…..


    • Tore Lindstrom Says:

      Why dont you come to India?? Would be great to have you here for a weekend. Bangalore is the city!

  11. Tore Lindstrom Says:

    Would be great if you could come to Bangalore India, lots of funky fans here!! Best season Oct to March. Tore

  12. Jan Overgaard Says:

    Hi guys. Looking forward to listen to surely another fantastic album from you. See you back again in Denmark.

  13. robert blackwood Says:

    great news looking forward getting this cd cant wait to see you again.i traveled from uk to germany to see you and meet you keep up the good sounds

  14. Looking forward to hear you again and … maybe see you in Italy !!

  15. Terje KOGSTAD Says:

    Looking forward to the new album. Please visit Norway and hopefully Bergen on the 2012 tour!!!!!!

  16. Norrie Lynch Says:

    Great, I look forward to adding number 14 to the other 13 in my Mezzoforte collection. Well done guys 🙂

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