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Dear friends and fans.
Don’t forget to visit our facebook site where you can interact with other fans, participate in discussions and leave messages which are regularly read by members of the band.


Music lessons via Skype

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With the help of the internet and freely available software like Skype, geographical distance is no longer the obstacle it used to be. People can interact and share information through a personal conversation wherever they are. This opens up a unique opportunity for students and teachers around the globe.
Remote lessons.
A private video conversation between student and teacher.

Being experienced teachers in their home countries, the nembers of Mezzoforte are interested in exploring this possibility to share their knowlege and experience with musicians around the world.
At this time piano/keyboard and general improvisation lessons are available with Eythor Gunnarsson.
Drum lessons with Gulli Briem are possible in the second week of march.
Bass lessons with Johann Asmundsson will also be available soon.
Sebastian Studnitzky teaches trumpet, piano and improvisation.

If you are interested send us a mail spcifying your instrument and we will send you an application form. If your application is approved you will recieve further instructions via e-mail.

For a Skype lesson, all you need to do is set up a computer (equipped with Skype, a webcam and a microphone) close to your instrument.  Your teacher has his instrument on the other end. You can ask any questions you like, either specifically about the music of Mezzoforte or general questions about music. In some cases your teacher may have some relevant written material which will be sent via e-mail.

Don’t miss this unique opportunity to gain insight into the music of Mezzoforte.