As most people around the world probably know by now, there is a volcanic eruption going on in Iceland.

In the spring of 2008, 5 members of Mezzoforte spent a few days in a summer house in southern Iceland to write music for the album which is currently in the works. The nearness of Iceland’s best known and most active volcano Hekla (in plain view just a few kilometers away) sparked the idea for a song called Sleeping  Volcano. Written collectively by the band, the song was recorded later the same year in Vestmannaeyjar (another highly volcanic place in Iceland).

During our stay in the summer house we were reminded of the awesome and unpredictable power of the Mid Atlantic Ridge when an earthquake measuring 6,1 on the Richter Scale shook the wooden house so violently that we could barely keep our balance to run outside.

Little did we know that before long another neigbouring volcano under the glacier Eyjafjallajökull, less than 50 kilometers away, would erupt with the devastating consequences we see today.

The members of Mezzoforte have not been directly affected by the eruption since prevaling winds are blowing the ash away from the capital Reykjavik. However our travel plans, like those of so many others, may well be disrupted if the eruption goes on for weeks, months or even years…


8 Responses to “Volcano”

  1. what is a pap smear…

    […]Volcano « Mezzoforte’s Blog[…]…

  2. I don’t care about planes not beeing able to fly due to the ash clouds, I fly with the music of Mezzoforte!

  3. Hope all is well with you guys. Just recently discovered your music and I’m hooked. You guys ROCK!

  4. Kris Banks Says:

    :O ive just stumbled across you on youtube and think you are amazing!! im completely blown away.. when are going to come to England?? i will be in the front row!!! Pleasseee haha… and Mr Dyani, you are my inspiration!!


  5. Hi !

    Really love the groove and the power of your sound !

    The question is: Any chance to see you play in France someday ?

    (pleeeeeaaaaaase, answer yes…)


  6. for best jazz compilation. mezzoforte,spyro-gyra,eumir deodato,casiopea,acoustic alchemy,four play.all are really best.

  7. Herman Zandt Says:

    In my opinion, the volcano eruption must rather be the result of the powerful sound of Mezzoforte! 🙂

  8. Thorbjørn T Says:

    By my opinion, the sound of Mezzoforte must be a result of this powerful energy hidden under the surface of Iceland:) May this new eruption of Eyjafjallajøkull cause new inspiration for the band to write new songs like to be found on the early records. How about a new version of “Norhtern winds” or “Danger/High voltage” stuffed with powerful eruptive solos based on the tight and groovy Mezzosound ?
    This time we all hope that you will turn back to an albumcover presenting photos and titles from the amazing Icelandic nature (like the “No limits”-album).
    PS: will there be any concerts in Norway this autumn due to the release of the new album ?

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