New CD in progress

Mezzoforte have just completed the first stage of recordings for a new CD. In the coming weeks additional work will be done in various countries. Release is scheduled for autumn 2010.

The album will feature the four founding members, Asmundsson, Briem, Gunnarsson & Karlsson, as well as Oskar Gudjonsson, Sebastian Studnitzky, Bruno Mueller and Thomas Dyani.


4 Responses to “New CD in progress”

  1. Gaute Austneberg Says:

    Hallo Mezzoforte

    How long is it before the new cd is finished?


  2. Ian Skipper Says:

    Great news to hear there is a new CD on the way the music is fantastic,
    Is there any chance of another DVD I wonder.

    Skip from Valencia Spain

  3. Then I want to live a little longer so I can hear the finished result. Eythor – I still have Memorymoog VST-instrument for you if you want to try it.

  4. Norrie Lynch Says:

    Can’t wait for the new CD to be released in the autumn. No doubt it will be as awesome as all the others, if not better. Hopefully you guys will go back to the Quasimodo Club in Berlin and I can come and see you again, better still, come to Scotland.

    Keep rattling those great tunes out for many years to come.

    Norrie from Glasgow.

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