Lineup for forthcoming gigs

German trumpetist Joo Kraus will replace Sebastian Studnitzky for some concerts in the coming months, starting with the show in Torshavn on May 29th. Joo is a great player who has appeared with the band on several occations before. A special event featuring him as well as Sebastian is scheduled on August 1st in Blaubeuren, Germany.

We are also happy to announce that Fridrik Karlsson will be playing with the band in Collado Villalba, Spain, on th 19th of June.


5 Responses to “Lineup for forthcoming gigs”

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  2. Fantastic consert in Trondheim-Norway, 12.09.09 Very nice to see you guys live!
    Garden Party and , EG blues as one of the highlights!
    I t was one of my best live experienses to hear you, a bit disepointing you did not have percussion and Fredrik Karlson with you. I play guitar myself. But it was very well preformed anyway, and you are true musicans haveing fun on the stage! i also think most of your audience ahve some music backround, and realy understand and precheate your good music!

  3. Achim Schwarz Says:

    We took part in the concert in Blaubeuren – it was a great pleasure to see the musical heroes of my youth live with such a fantastic trumpet player as Joo Krauß. The band was amazing, the location was fantastic: They played in front of the mystic source called “Blautopf” on a warm august night, and the audience was in a real party mood when Mezzoforte finally played “Garden Party”. Unfortunately I forgot my original “Surprise Surprise”-LP at home. I hope to see the band next year again in Blaubeuren in southern Germany.

  4. Høgni Hansen Says:

    Super concert in Torshavn, the sound was amazing.
    Thanks, hope to see you soon again here in Faroe Islands.

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