Work with Mezzoforte?

All members of Mezzoforte are experienced session players. If you are interested in requesting the services of one or more of the members, feel free to send us a mail (by clicking on the Information link on the Contact page). We are open to discussions as long as your plan is realistic and your project is appealing. You can send audio files for us to overdub on or meet us on home ground if your budget allows the trip.


6 Responses to “Work with Mezzoforte?”

  1. Any plans to visit Australia soon?

  2. На самом деле я не прочитал не одного душевного комента. ВЫ просто супер!!!!!!Я слушаю эту музыку 30 лет. И под впечатлением сам даже кое-что сочинил. Если у ВАС будет время сочинение находиться на сайте ALEX SAMOYLOFF (наши демо .МОЙ СЛЭП) Писал на ROLAND XP-50

  3. for best jazz compilation.mezzoforte,spyro-gyra,eumir deodato,casiopea,acoustic alchemy,fourplay. all are really best.

  4. Hi guys !

    What a great idea to join people musicly on this way . Well you have a real better guitarplayer than me so there is only one ideal for me:
    As a real old fan of your music I would like to mix some of your concert ?

    That would be my way to join U.

    All the best: Stempel

  5. Thomas Roetsch Says:

    Dear Mezzoforte Band,

    as I love your songs and as I´m a (dilitant) hobby musican, can you sell some notes, tabs, chord sheets of your songs. Would love to play with you one day, but this would require at least 300 years guitar practicing for myself. Please let me know if and for what cost such notes are available.

    Best regards


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