Welcome to our new website. In addition to information about the band, its activities,its music and members the site is your gateway to our webshop and our flikr, youtube, myspace and facebook profiles. Enjoy the experience and feel free to comment in our guestbook. You can also join a mailing list if you want to be uptated about future releases and concerts in your country.


29 Responses to “NEW WEBSITE”

  1. Hey that you very much to the post, it had been fairly and informative go through! I’ll be again afterwards for positive.

  2. julius c. horfilla Says:

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  3. julius c. horfilla Says:

    try also (papa americano)by yolabda b cool.

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  10. julius c.horfilla Says:

    these are list of superjazz bands.mezzoforte,spyro-gyra,eumir deodato,acoustic alchemy and the last but not the least fourplay. just for real jazz music enthusiasts and listeners.

  11. julius c.horfilla Says:

    your mezzoforte live in reykjavik, it’s fantastic 2cd and one dvd in 1pack.i have just received it from’s undeniably perfect.

  12. mezzoforte,spyro-gyra,eumir deodato and acoustic alchemy you’re really super musicians.

  13. julius c.horfilla Says:

    now i got 3 mezzoforte albums,3 spyro gyra,3deodato albums all are the best and ultimate albums.

  14. Nice looking website!

  15. i have just purchased the new mezzoforte album.the best of mezzoforte 2009 edition distributed by dyna records and surely it’s one of my jazz music ultimate hits collection now.i also purchased the essential earth,wind and fire album.available at any music stores in cebu now.

  16. thank you for your music. it’s really inspired me and i always try to use your ideas in my playing. every musician i meet, i will not fail to mention mezzoforte. music is absolutely superb.

    apart from those that’s always played, i have always loved ‘easy jack’, ‘rise & shine’, ‘double orange juice’, ‘solid’, ‘take off’, ‘tribute’, ‘forward motion’, ‘summer dream’, ‘joyride’, ‘take a breath’.

    have been hearing (frequently) your songs for almost 20 years. cd’s always in my car. now i introduce your music to my daughter. she likes ‘take a breath’.

    thanks for making my days. from the bottom of my heart, thanks!

  17. i really admired of the artististic ability,namely,mezzoforte,spyro-gyra,and the last but not the least, deodato. it’s really a real music. i hope that other’s will follow your musical spectrum.

  18. Frederik Albrecht Says:

    Dear Mezz ! When will you visit Copenhagen again – miss your and your funky music very much. With kind regards.

    Frederik, Veteran Fan (1982)

  19. Julius C.Horfilla Says:

    all i have to say is to suggest that mezzoforte,deodato,spyro-gyra will join together in a concert and it’s up to the organizer’s on how they could arrange it.and make a cd,vcd,dvd out of it.or even an mp3 of some of their best albums.

  20. At Lillestrøm 18. sept. 2 member missing ?

    • mezzoforteband Says:

      No members are “missing”. Mezzoforte have always toured as a 5 or 6 piece unit. The DVD Live in Reykjavik was recorded with a special enlarged band.

  21. frode skaug Says:

    Hey – it´s not 10:21 pm.?? What timezone are you in? Fix it Eythor… Wright is wright…

  22. frode skaug Says:

    NiceSite… Can´t see anything about any gig in Hamar in september…? All the best to the most groovy band in the last 50 000 years. Never forget the midnight-sky in the Norwegian mountains in 1986 on the way to Trondheim.

  23. Congratulations on your new webpage. And thanks for the download/shop-section. I guarantee it will be used many times. A couple of albums that´s been lost since many years in my collection and turned up again, just like magic. Especially the release of “Octopus”. Is this the international version of “I Hakanum”? The tracklist is identical.

  24. Thomas Roetsch Says:

    Greates Band ever! Wonderful musicans. Excellent Music. Incredible performance. I´m a fan since the early 80´s.

    Go on. All the best


  25. Bjørn Strømmen Says:

    When do you visit Norway and Trondheim (at Rica Hell Hotell in Stjørdal or ) ?

    • mezzoforteband Says:

      We will play some concerts in Norway in September. We will post details on the website as soon as thwy are confirmed.

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