The DVD, Live in Reykjavik, is finally out. It features 20 songs recorded by a special 10 piece version of the band during 3 concerts in Reykjavik, Iceland in march of 2007. Bonus material consists of footage from rehersals as well as a slideshow of photos spanning the band’s carreer.
Live In Reykjavik will be released in 4 versions: As a 2CD set, as a DVD, as a Deluxe Edition with special liner notes and bonus tracks and last but not least, as 2 Vinyl-LPs!
You can order the regular DVD through our webshop. Other versions are available in shops around Europe or through



  1. Hi Guys,

    I’m looking forward to buy your new DVD. The 3minute shot on your homepage is fantastic. I’m also really happy, that you will visit my country (Hungary) again during your European tour.

    I would be really interested if there is any publication on sheet music, chords etc… on your music. If not are you planning anything to be issued?

    Thanks for your reply, and keep up the good music.
    Best regards,
    Balazs Szemen

  2. Roger Fredheim Says:

    Hi guys

    Just got your new dvd and it is fantastic.Great sound quality. I have seen you live 5 times, and i sure hope you come back to Trondheim soon.Keep up the good work 🙂

    Best wishes

  3. Wow,

    what´s that ?????????????.

    I have heard youre new DVD last night. I think i´am dreaming.

    Thank you for this music. Thank you.


  4. Hello again !

    Thank’s for the respond at my question about the cd.
    Any way the cd is awsome 🙂

    Regards //// Lennart

  5. Willem Snijders Says:

    I’ve been enjoying the DVD for a few weeks, transcoded it to mp4 and I watch almost every free minute on my Iphone. The joy and the friendship betweens the musicians brings so much pleasure, apart from the extreme level of competence of every musician. You know exactly how to keep things clean and open. “less is more”and you all show how to do it.
    Kindest regards,
    Willem Snijders

  6. Lennart Says:

    Hello !

    Im a long time Mezzoforte fan from the very early 80’s. You do great music.

    I have one question about the live cd from Reykjavik.

    Should this double cd be without a bocklet ? Sure it’s a place for one but mine was without ???
    Or is this place for a cd ??
    This place is where all the picture are when you open it.

    anyway thank you so much for your great music you have done over the years.

    Regards //// Lennart

    • mezzoforteband Says:

      Only the Deluxe version of the CD comes with a booklet. All relevant information is printed on the back of the cover and further details can be obtained via the website.

  7. Hi there,

    Ordered the deluxe version and it arrived 2 days ago. It is a great song collection, played very well skilled! I’m especially enjoying Gulli’s drumming. Highlights for me so far:
    Evolution, EG blues (great guitar solo!) Cobra (again great guitar work) and the medly.
    Hope to see you on this years edition of North sea jazz.
    Thanks for this great release.

    Best regards,
    Edward from Holland

  8. Hi Mezz,
    I have noticed three photos on your homepage with the text “Recording..February 2009”. Can I hereby happily conclude that you are working on a new album?
    Mange hilsner
    SR, hard hardcore fan since 1982

    • mezzoforteband Says:

      Yes, work has started on a new album. It will feature the new version of the band, as well as original guitar player Fridrik Karlsson.

  9. thanks for you reply. i already contacted BHM a while ago but they never replied.

  10. when the vinyl edition will be released ?

  11. Hi,
    Is the Deluxe Edition the same as the 2CD set+DVD, or is it just 2CDs with bonus tracks and liner notes?

  12. hi guys,finally he”s out ,we have to wait a long time,but the result is greate,hope to see you in holland soon. greetings sjaak.

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